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Pacropped-20170104_202647.jpgris & Laurie (Rainbow Lorikeet)


TRAGIC day for Victorian Birds!

Terrorised birds cramped in corner from fear!



Hello supporters- bad news….again…
The birds at the sale were still terrorised, eating their foods amongst their faeces, birds forced in small boxes/cages- looking so depressed.
Nothing has changed.
Except now you ALL know the truth about the bird industry and the lack of Government empathy.

We will continue to push the Victorian government to immediately



Thanking you sincerely for your comments and support,

Paris Yves Read
0413 530 419




Please sign urgent Petition! Ban bird sale in Melbourne 28 May!


Victorian Aviculturists are using birds as breeding slaves and for profit!


Video- Ban Bird Sale in Victoria May 2017


Ban Birds Sales & Breeding in Australia from Paris Yves Read on Vimeo.

Paris Yves Read from Melbourne, Australia has been campaigning to Ban Bird breeding and bird selling in Australia. This bird industry abuses and disregards the emotions and welfare of birds. There are thousands of backyard and commercial bird mills/farms all over Australia- Time that the breeders/sellers stopped! Time that the Australian State Governments introduced laws to protect all Birds! http://www.letcompanionbirdsfly.com.au

“Agapi’s Sanctuary” Companion Birds Rescue- Adoption- Foster

“Agapi’s Sanctuary” Companion Birds Rescue- Adoption- Foster 














“Agapi’s Sanctuary” is Heaven on Earth in Melbourne, Australia- where birds can be themselves.

No small cages, no threats, no wing clipping, no forced bird training, no obstacles.

ONLY privacy, security, love and freedom to fly all day!

The bird children have the freedom to think and behave as they wish and to evolve within a loving, trusting and safe environment and be regarded as children within her family.


Paris  has been rescuing and adopting birds that need a loving and caring home. As the number of birds needing new homes is expanding, she is looking for similar homes that will provide the highest standard of care and love for birds- only highest standards.

Paris is looking for new homes/foster homes for the constant amount of birds that need a new human family. The selection criteria is strict and of high standards only. New families must adhere to at least the following  before considered:

  • Birds are NEVER to be wing clipped- this causes major emotional and physiological damage to the bird- if you don\’t want your companion animal to fly then please adopt a dog, cat, or rabbit instead- BIRDS ARE BORN TO FLY.
  • Private, safe and secure property- no cats or dogs on property that are prone to harm and scare birds
  • Ethical, aesthetic and clean aviaries with access to fresh clean branches as perches- bigger than 2 meters wide square for smaller birds e.g. budgerigars, canaries and 6 meters wide for larger parrots e.g. cockatoos
  • Birds are not to be kept indoors in home all day as this is unhealthy and unsafe for birds- birds require fresh air, sunlight (vitamin D) and to interact with nature and wild birds
  • Birds are not to be kept in cages of any size at all e.g small cages or  even 1.5ms wide cages- doors should always be open to allow the bird to come and go as they please
  • Owners must have the resources e.g. money and time and effort to care for the birds and seek medical tests/attention when necessary
  • Owners must be prepared to prepare fresh meals daily for birds eg organic fruits/vegetables, fresh water throughout the day with vitamins, organic pastas/foods
  • All birds to undertake initial through blood tests (on foot NEVER on body or under anaesthetic) e.g. clamydia, psittacosis, beak and feather at their expense or the previous owner where possible- receipts provided
  • Human owners should not have serious emotional problems .eg. serious grieving, depression, mental health problems as the birds are not their therapist and the birds suffer by not living in a healthy home environment
  • Homes  and aviary environments are to be free of physical/mental abuse,smoke, drug and \”alcoholic\” free
  • New owners to be happy to liaise with Paris and discuss behavioural and care requirements for birds- no costs involved.

These are just few basic criteria.

As you can see it is not just a matter of taking a bird, leaving the bird in a cage and feeding the birds seeds and cheap commercial foods.

Caring for a bird is similar to caring for human.

The psychology of a bird is the same as the psychology of a person.

ONLY a person who spends 24/7 caring for a bird KNOWS & understands the mind and behaviour of a bird.


Paris is a Holistic Counsellor/Behaviourist for birds and people and a companion bird welfare campaigner. She is dedicating her life purpose and spiritual journey to saving birds, introducing laws and education for the welfare of birds (companion and wild) especially companion birds within Australia and liaises with similar campaigners globally.

Paris consults from a professional home office where she can interact with and balance feeding/caring for her precious bird family. She has given talks to schools and various events and welcomes the opportunity to spread her words of love and care for birds as Australia- wide as possible.

Please be patient in expecting replies when contacting her as she is constantly helping bird owners and birds!


MORE INFORMATION TO BE ADDED CONSTANTLY regarding our Bird Adoption program…

Birds kept as Companion Animals- PETA

Birds kept as Companion Animals- PETA

Lucky & Laurie climbing their tree

In Australia and around the world, birds are commonly kept as companion animals – often in totally inappropriate housing and conditions – as people often believe that they are somehow easier to care for than dogs and cats. In reality, they require more specialised care, commitment, and resources than dogs and cats do.

Evolved to fly long distances, swoop and soar, and perch on high branches while seeking out food provided by nature, birds kept as companions are instead confined to cages where they can barely spread their wings, let alone fly, and given a monotonous diet of seeds. click here for more 

Please sign petition! BAN Melbourne Bird Sale 29 MAY 2016! JUSTICE FOR BIRDS!


BAN the bird sale at Cranbourne Racecourse on Sunday 29 May 2016

held by the Mornington Peninsula Avicultural Society


Love Me! Don’t Cage me! I AM NOT A HOBBY OR A TOY!

I am not a slave to be raped and to breed, breed, breed and to be sold as a toy!

Stop the wing clipping of birds to stop birds from flying as is their birth right.

Please help me stop the breeding and sale of birds in Australia.

Please help me stop wild birds being stolen and/or legally stolen from the wild to be bred and sold.

Birds have the SAME emotional and behaviourial needs as human children.

NO DIFFERENT. Click here for more and petition

Psychopaths have NO guilt or remorse

They are amongst our families, friends, workplaces and social media.

Read here for more traits of psychopaths and a great presentation from Michael Burge : http://myfreewilljourney.com/life-coaching/

Suffering young eclectus for sale in Reservoir

eclectus charlie 1 eclectus charlie 2

Friends, Charlie,  a bird seller on gumtree is text and email shy- so how about you send him an email or text  0408 460 401 and tell him he has committed bird abuse and breached the Australian bird welfare standards- what a shocking condition for birds to be allowed to be sold in Australia- SAVE THIS ECLECTUS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/reservoir/birds/young-eclectus-parrot-/1093914012  and pdf version here Young Eclectus Parrot _ Birds _ Gumtree Australia Darebin Area – Reservoir _ 109

Thank you for caring for Australian companion parrots- please share!

Paris Yves



Hinterland Birdlife- Queensland Australia-

‘there are campaigns springing up all over Australia- as people become more aware of welfare issues attached to the breeding and selling of cage parrots.’

MVV_Sept 9_2015_stickies 12

A speech by Philip Wollen at the recent Animal Law Conference, Australia

PhilWA speech by Philip Wollen at the recent Animal Law Conference, hosted by Nwe South Wales Young Lawyers.

13 Septermber 2015, Melbourne Australia

Philip Wollen is a former Vice-President of Citibank and was also General Manager at Citicorp. Wollen became a vegan following his departure from Citibank and is a prominent member of the animal rights movement. He conducts intervention programs to rescue abused animals and funds outreach programs that promote animal welfare and abstinence. At age 34, Australian Business Magazine named him in the top 40 headhunted executives in Australia. In 2005 he received the Medal of the Order of Australia  and in 2007 he won the Australian of the Year (Victoria) award. In 2012 he was made an Honorary Fellow of the Oxford Centre of Animal Ethics, UK.

– See more at: http://www.3cr.org.au/freedomofspecies/episode-201509131300/philip-wollen#sthash.IkA6Epyq.dpuf

Campaigner appeals for parks dog ban- Melbourne Australia

hooded ploverPetition raised to enforce dog ban in Mornington Peninsula

Please sign petition!

Tireless Victorian nature advocate Steve Karakitsos has started a campaign to ban unleashed dogs from Mornington Peninsula National Park.

With fewer than 600 hooded plovers left in the state, the endangered species, which inhabits sandy beaches, has come under increasing attack by dogs running amok. click here for more

Pope Francis Encyclical Letter says: “Let Companion Birds Fly”

Page 20
Page 20
Page 21
Page 21

“Pope Francis urges people and governments to show respect for these species by making greater consideration for how we treat them.”

Please read pages 20-21 that refer to Australian Companion Birds needing a voice of love and protection from abuse and breeding slavery.

The complete Encyclical is here as pdf Laudato Si – Ark Special Edition 231

Or at The Ark website: http://catholic-animals.com/ark/

Peace for all Birds and Animals,

Paris Yves

Melbourne, Australia

Will Our Pets Ascend? Sure will….birds, dogs cats etc

Will our pets ascend? by Michelle Walling, CHLC,

Every living thing on the planet is affected when Mother Earth raises her vibration. In order to exist on the planet with her as she ascends, all living organisms will need to match or exceed her vibratory rate in order to continue living in the new harmonized ecosystem.

Many pets are already vibrating at a higher rate than wild animals. Just like humans were seeded from other planets, our plants and animals were seeded from various places and integrated into the complex plant and animal kingdom hierarchies. For example, dolphins, whales, and some dogs are said to come from the planet Sirius and are here to hold the highest vibratory rate possible to help Mother Earth shift her frequency up. Cats, birds, and horses are also some examples of pets that can hold a high vibrational rate.

Defamation claim on the way from Bird Behaviourist

Hello friends- a local Birdkeeper magazine and their writer David Pace realised I had a defamation claim over them, when I posted publicly that they lied about me in one of their online and printed articles.

So they have scurried off like rats quickly editing the original article about me, and calling me an Animal Liberationist which is new to me! I am a qualified and experienced Bird Behaviourist and Mental Health Counsellor and Life Coach amongst other professions which are posted all over the internet, for literate people to find!

I am not surprised Birdkeeper and David Pace would stoop to low unprofessional levels and accuse and publicly defame me – just to cover their industry’s shortcomings. If bird magazines and bird breeders/sellers think they can defame people and get away with it legally and not harm their own reputation as being cunning, they are in the wrong business. People are smart. They see clearly the liars from the truth tellers.

The original article written by David Pace and printed in the Birdkeeper magazine that is sold all over the world is here:

Concern for the Future of Bird Sales in Victoria original

Their amended article after they realised they stuffed up and defamed me is here…..Concern for the Future of Bird Sales in Victoria amended but too late- the original has been sent to everyone including government authorities to see how much they would lie to cover their faults and guilt for the business they are in: treating birds as money slaves.

And for Bird’s sake- get my website links right in your publications- breeders aren’t interested in homeopathy- post them to the right page would you! here it is in case you can’t find it: http://www.letcompanionbirdsfly.com.au

budgies and macaw3 budgies and macaw2These images are of birds displayed/sold in small cages in an un-natural environment at the recent annual Mornington Peninsula Bird sale in Victoria 31 May 2015. Bird breeders and sellers believe that this is ‘acceptable.’

Thanking Adobe Acrobat Pro in advance for saving the original letter as proof of publishing incompetence.

Thanking Mercury Retrograde for exposing the liars ( you all know me and astrology)!

Oh! And that Concerns Notice for Defaming me in on the way too.

Paris Yves

Bird Behaviourist & Counsellor- first and foremost…

Aussie Companion bird updates have “HIT THE MEDIA SHORES OF THE USA!!!

We’ve been acknowledged by Jane Velez Mitchell from the USA on her social media sites!  Thanks Jane!

Paris Yves: “I need more aussie animal education and welfare groups to join me and speak up for companion birds- bird behaviour and applied behaviour analysis is easy to understand- don’t be shy- it is one of the main basis for understanding birds and justifying their freedom to be birds and not kept as breeding slaves”.

Jane-Velez-Mitchell-1-x400We’ve been acknowledged by Jane Velez Mitchell from the USA on her social media sites.

After a stellar career in traditional broadcast journalism, Jane Velez-Mitchell is wholeheartedly embracing new media — and she’s doing it in the service of what she calls “the social justice movement of the 21st century.”

That movement is animal rights, the focus of Velez-Mitchell’s new website, JaneUnchained, and her online subscription video series, Defining Moments.

“I had been talking to animal advocates for a long time, and they were saying we need to become the media for animals,” she says. The “we” she refers to isn’t just Velez-Mitchell and her partner in life and work, Donna Dennison, but fellow activists she encourages to contribute their own news videos. “Anybody with a cell phone camera can be a photojournalist,” she says.

Well, that may be the case, but most of them don’t have Velez-Mitchell’s résumé. She spent more than a decade as an anchor and reporter for Los Angeles TV station KCAL, plus eight years as a reporter for WCBS in New York City and stints with other major-market stations and on syndicated shows. She won several awards along the way, then gained national fame with an HLN show bearing her name, which ran for six years before it ended last fall.

“He’d just compared his breeding parrots to slaves”- I’m in business. No personal relationships with the parrots.”

“I wonder if he realized that he’d just compared his breeding parrots to slaves”. “I’m a capitalist. I’m in business. No personal relationships with the parrots.” “They’re breeding machines. It’s no life for a thinking animal.”

No-Fly Zone, Page 3: Inside a Parrot Mill

Mass production means packed cages, motherless chicks, and storage bin nests

All Animals magazine, March/April 2013

Now in his mid-60s and nearing retirement, Voren has sensitive pink skin, his hair is gray and thinning, and his eyes are piercingly smart. I met him at his home in Loxahatchee, Fla.—once the epicenter of the U.S. parrot business—where his 10-acre breeding facility is hidden behind fences on the outskirts of Palm Beach. click here for more and bird breeding farm images

National Animal Rights day Saturday, May 30th in LA, San Francisco

Please watch this factual and emotional video of how many people harm animals but how many millions more love them and want them alive and free.

Lies, lies and more lies from David Pace representing bird breeders and sellers

birdkeeperFriends, click the link below in the Australian Birdkeeper magazines that represent bird breeders and sellers.

Seems they have a rat in their group against THEM and they are scapegoating me…

I did no such thing…but they got me thinking now…..

Justice is around the corner http://www.birdkeeper.com.au/BlogRetrieve.aspx?PostID=637662&A=SearchResult&SearchID=7134041&ObjectID=637662&ObjectType=55


Paris Yves

Is this for real in Melbourne??

Another example of a bird for sale and of bird abuse at Yallourn Victoria- total breach of Victorian welfare codes – which human being would accept any living being in such conditions!!!!!!!!

And to sell online on Gumtree!!! click for ad here cockatiel in cage _ Birds _ Gumtree Australia Latrobe Valley – Yallourn North


Paris Yves


cockatiel 1 cockatiel 2

They never learn……

Bird skye sale- same welfare breaches- nothing has changed!
macaw from May 2014 in left and macaw 31 may 2015 on right!

they never learn…….

they don’t care!

Paris Yves


macaw 2014eclectus 2015


Please sign apeachface4nd share petition to BAN BIRD SALES IN AUSTRALIA

Birds are born to fly and forage freely!!

But birds can’t fly in Australia.

Australian companion birds continue to be subjected to a miserable life!

You don’t need to look far to see bird abuse and neglect and horrible bird exploitation.

Lorie’s Dream- please watch video and share

Lorie’s Dream is about the Voice of Welfare and Legal Rights for Companion Birds in Australia

email: paris@letcompanionbirdsfly.com.au

website: www.letcompanionbirdsfly.com.au

website:  www.parrotproductions.org

Melbourne Australia

Media Release: Birds can’t fly in Australia: Welfare laws branded an ‘embarrassment’

eclectus in tight box $4000 at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne
eclectus in tight box $4000 at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne

Birds can’t fly in Australia – media release 25 May 2015
For immediate release
Melbourne, 25 May 2015

Birds can’t fly in Australia: Welfare laws branded an ‘embarrassment’
While an Indian court ruled this week that birds cannot be kept in cages, Australian birds continue to be subjected to a miserable life, says bird behaviourist Paris Yves.

Terrified parrots crammed into tiny, dirty boxes: This was the sight that greeted Melbourne-based bird behaviourist and campaigner Paris Yves at the 2014 Mornington Peninsula Avicultural Society Bird Sale & Expo in Victoria. She fears a similar scenario at the upcoming live bird sales at Skye on Sunday 31 May 2015.

Yves, who budgies feathersrescues birds, is calling for the federal government to ban the sale of birds and review the paltry welfare laws for captive caged birds, which she says are an “embarrassment” to Australia, particularly in light of a ground-breaking ruling by Delhi High Court this week.

Chief Justice Manmohan Singh of the Andhra Pradesh High Court India recognised that birds have the “fundamental right to live in dignity” outside of cages and condemned bird trading.

In stark contrast, companion bird welfare is ignored in Australia. “Companion birds are forced by owners, pet shops and bird breeding mills and breeder bird sales to live their lives in small cages and not fly,” says Yves. “There are no laws to DSCF0875protect birds here, only codes of conduct that are authorised by the state governments to be drafted by the same bird breeders and bird associations who have been guilty of bird abuse and neglect for at least 30 years.”

According to Yves, the constant breeding and captivity results in huge psychological and physiological trauma to birds. “I could easily rescue thousands of birds every day. There is an oversupply and most of these poor birds are sold or traded to inexperienced bird carers who perceive them as a ‘pretty object.’ Most other birds are stolen as eggs from their mothers and incubated in bedrooms throughout Australia,” says Yves.

Yves is calling for all Australian states to:
ban bird sales and bird breeding
• ban the import macawand sale of cages that do not allow birds to fly freely
• introduce mandatory bird behaviour and welfare laws.

“The bird breeders and bird sellers have taken advantage of the fact that no authority is monitoring or enforcing laws to protect how birds are handled and cared for. We need to follow India’s lead in recognising that these intelligent beings deserve protection,” says Yves.

About Paris Yves
Paris Yves has cared for birds all her life. She continues to study bird behaviour and regularly liaises with world-renowned animal behaviourists to ensure she is on top of bird behaviour research and findings. An experienced media commentator, Yves has become the voice of welfare and legal rights for companion birds in Australia.

lcbf vistaAbout Let Companion Birds Fly
Let Companion Birds Fly provides bird behaviour counselling advice and holistic therapy for birds: www.letcompanionbirdsfly.com.au

Media Contact:
Paris Yves
Mobile: 0413 530 419
Email: paris@letcompanionbirdsfly.com.au
Images of abused/neglected birds can be viewed at http://www.letcompanionbirdsfly.com.au/campaign/

Appealing to Dogs Victoria at Skye, Victoria, to Ban Bird Sale this Sunday 31 May 2015

crimson rosella in rusty cages at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne
crimson rosella in rusty cages at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne

Bird Sale 2015 front page button 19 Feb 15

black parrot 2

Following up from my ongoing petition to  Minister for Agriculture- Victoria Hon Jaala Pulford

“Ban Companion Bird Sale” on Sunday 31 May 2015- at Skye, Victoria

Dogs Victoria at Skye, Victoria,  has hired their premises to companion bird breeders and sellers this Sunday 31 May.

Dogs Victoria has been respectfully asked to cancel the event and not hire their premises again to the bird sellers.

Whilst they state:” Dogs Victoria no way condones the mistreatment of any animal”  they seem to have allowed and approved the bird sellers last year to re-hire their premises again this year.

Dogs Victoria can be contacted at http://www.dogsvictoria.org.au/AboutUs/StateDogCentre.aspx 

and respectfully asked to cancel this Sunday’s bird sale.

If the bird sale goes ahead, Dogs Victoria will be one of those involved condoning bird abuse.


Paris Yves


Bird Behaviour and Animal Rights= Human Behaviour and Human Rights

lorikeets etc in box at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne 2014
lorikeets etc in box at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne 2014
crimson rosella in rusty cages at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne
crimson rosella in rusty cages at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne


budgies feathers

Hello Bird Lovers

You all know I am all about ’empathy’ and ‘justice.’

Anyone who empathises with people and animals, advocates human and animal rights.

I have not met a person who understands and empathises with human abuse who does not accept animal rights and strongly oppose animal abuse. This is common knowledge.

Most of you are aware that understanding and respecting human behaviour leads to understanding and empathising with human dignity and rights. Same applies for birds. Those who do not connect these 2 together fail in understanding or wanting to understand that learning about behaviour inevitably leads to respect and empathy.

If you cannot understand behaviour of a person, then you cannot understand behaviour of a bird/animal. And vice versa.

If you cannot ‘love’  yourself or a person, then you cannot love another.

There are endless research studies confirming that domestic violence and abusers of people are directly linked to abusers of animals. Where there is no empathy, there is no heart/ empathy in  the person.

Because in order to understand people and animals, you require empathy and respect innately.

You cannot empathise for a person’s rights and ignore animal rights, environmental rights etc. This would not be rational or logical.

Anyone who accepts animal/bird violence, abuse and neglect clearly lacks self love, empathy and self love for others, and obviously has negative motives in their pleasure of abusing people and animals/birds.

More often those motives are ‘money’ and reasons are serious mental health problems that should be addressed by a professional to help the person live a more positive and holistic life.

And then there are the psychopaths:  diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behavior.

You can see pictures and read all about bird abuse and ’empathy-lackers on my website below:

Paris Yvlcbf vistaes


Hon Jaala Pulford- Ban Companion Bird Sale Sun 31 May 2015, Melbourne Australia

eclectus $4000Hello companion bird welfare supporters!

Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement, support and effort to sign my petition.

Please email Minister Jaala Pulford at jaala.pulford@parliament.vic.gov.au to ban the Bird Sale at Skye, Victoria on Sunday 31 May and
also email the State Dog Centre at office@dogsvictoria.org.au to ban the Bird Sale that is scheduled at their venue.

This sale should not go on!

The same bird sale last year (and every other year for at least 30 years) was shocking! Why have the RSPCA, DEPI and no other authorities that I reported this abuse to last year, not made POCTA (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act) charges??

Please send brief emails to the above and keep sharing the petition.

TOGETHER, with me and my bird family, please be the voice of Companion Birds of Australia!!

TOGETHER We can save them and let them fly once again!!

Thanking you all sincerely
Paris Yves
0413 530 419


http://www.letcompanionbirdsfly.com.au (new website)

URGENT PETITION: “Ban Companion Bird Sale” on Sunday 31 May 2015- at Skye, Victoria

eclectus $4000Please save Companion Birds in Victoria and sign urgent petition!
Birds are born to Fly.
But Victorians have stopped them flying!!!
In May 2014, I was in shocked to see cruelty toward birds, at the annual bird sale run by the Mornington Peninsula Aviculture Society (MPAS) and the Victorian Aviculture Council (VAC):
• Most of the birds were physically and emotionally distressed and ill.
• All birds were housed in small boxes/ cages which fit the bird exactly- many of the larger birds could not walk comfortably or stretch their wings even- flying was not an option for any bird.
• There were bright lights and people hovering over the birds constantly- no privacy or quiet time for the birds.
• The boxes/cages were filthy and some rusty. In most cases, bird food was placed under the bird’s perch and on the ground, where the bird’s faeces would be also.
So we want to stop this sale happening again in few weeks!!

URGENT PETITION: “Ban Companion Bird Sale” on Sunday 31 May 2015- at Skye, Victoria

Please save Companion Birds in Victoria and sign urgent petition!


Birds are born to Fly.
But Victorians have stopped them flying!!!

In May 2014, I was in shocked to see cruelty toward birds, at the annual bird sale run by the Mornington Peninsula Aviculture Society (MPAS) and the Victorian Aviculture Council (VAC):
• Most of the birds were physically and emotionally distressed and ill.
• All birds were housed in small boxes/ cages which fit the bird exactly- many of the larger birds could not walk comfortably or stretch their wings even- flying was not an option for any bird.
• There were bright lights and people hovering over the birds constantly- no privacy or quiet time for the birds.
• The boxes/cages were filthy and some rusty. In most cases, bird food was placed under the bird’s perch and on the ground, where the bird’s faeces would be also.
So we want to stop this sale happening again in few weeks!!

My Angel, Love and other birds | From Project: Open Drum

After seeing birds suffer daily at pet shops, private homes and breeding farms, Paris has dedicated her life to being an advocate for birds. http://www.letcompanionbirdsfly.com.au
Agapi- My Love
Agapi- My Love

I had just left a job that debilitated me on all levels. One day my internal voice said, “I’d love a bird to sit upon my shoulder.”

I found an animal rescuer looking to re-home a pet lorikeet. “He is wild and bites,’’ she said, as she forced the bird into my carry cage. Driving home, I spoke to the lorikeet and he replied, “Kalimera”. I thought, “He said good morning in Greek?Amazing.”

I called the lorikeet Angel. Needing a healing light in my life, Angel was sent to me. We resonated and connected telepathically and read each other’s body language. Angel was always there for me. More importantly, Angel forced me up each morning, when my illness weakened me.

Angel would fly to my pillow, and with his beak, tug my fingers to get me out of bed. He would say, “pame”, meaning “let’s go”, in Greek. Angel reminded me I had a reason to live and not give up. Angel reminded me who I used to be, a strong, vibrant, independent woman, who everyone looked up to for advice and an empathetic ear.

But Angel was my empath. He observed and listened to everything I did and said. If he heard me raise my voice, he would shout back, reminding me to calm down. Angel knew that he could find me either in bed or at my desk. He knew me better than I knew myself.

My physical condition worsened, but I continued developing myself academically and spiritually. Angel sat in my lap and on my shoulders, whilst I spent endless hours daily at my computer studying Counselling/ Holistic therapies, Bird Behaviour and Health.

I studied with world re-knowned USA based Bird Behaviourists including Dr Susan Friedman, Barbara Heidenreich and Lara Joseph. I found my Counselling studies paralleled the Bird Behaviour studies. Angel’s interaction with me proved this all along.

My personal experiences with Angel taught me even more about bird behaviour- not just confirming the theories. I communicated easily with Angel. I was born an empath – highly sensitive to and aware of others’ emotions – all my life listening to and solving everyone’s problems.

But Angel understood me. He would look into my eyes and question all my thoughts and actions. I would talk to him all day, as I would any human presence. “I love you,” he’d say, when he wanted my attention and expected my reply, “I love you too”.

Cutting a very long story short, I have since adopted many types of parrots as my children. They each have individual personalities, dietary preferences and daily routines. Most have tragic heartbreaking stories of lifelong abuse. So one thing they all yearn for is my attention and love. They know they are in safe hands – they sense this from the first day we meet.

As a result of my frustration seeing birds suffer daily in Australia, at pet shops, private homes and breeding farms, I have dedicated my life to being the human voice for birds. I am the first and only person in Australia managing a campaign for the welfare of companion birds and focusing on changing national laws. Many of my supporters also find it unbelievable that anyone can breed birds and sell/trade them as you would a plant and are shocked that birds are kept in cages where they cannot fly or live as a bird would naturally.

Every day I look into Angel’s and all my birds’ eyes and they give me that spark and inspiration to speak for them and their species. They remind me that I have a spiritual path to lead and that is to change how Australians think about bird welfare.

As a Bird Behaviourist, I am disappointed that the general public and decision makers of today, make excuses to not see and hear the cries of help from our companion birds, who are desperate to be birds who can fly and be respected.

Angel is still my angel but he prefers to be called and speak his name, “Agapi’ that means “Love” in Greek.

  Melbourne VIC 3000

Australian Public Submission- Draft Principles and guidelines for the care and use of non-human primates for scientific purposes

DUE 8 May- Melbourne Australia
Draft Principles and guidelines for the care and use of non-human primates for scientific purposes

Please make time for submision to save innocent animals

More information at

Ban Primate Experiments

Thank you!

New website! Let Companion Birds Fly!! Australia

Hello friends- please visit my new website http://www.letcompanionbirdsfly.com.au (still updating!) – you will be able to subscribe and sign petitions very soon! Further updates on facebook https://www.facebook.com/companionbirdwelfare – thanks for supporting the welfare of companion birds in Australia!!

Australian Petition: STOP all breeding an selling of animals on facebook

18 April 2005,  Australia

(apologies previous similar post faulted for some IT reason)

Australian Petition- STOP all breeding and selling of birds/parrots & animals on facebook

Australian Petition- STOP all breeding an selling of birds/parrots & animals on facebook

Petition at: https://www.change.org/p/facebook-stop-all-breeding-an-selling-of-animals-on-facebook

Please sign this petition to stop all selling of birds/animals on facebook- especially within Australia.

There are too many breeders and general public members selling or trading animals as  a hobby and business and that is just plain wrong.

Facebook needs to stop the breeding an selling of animals on its pages an in its groups,there is way too unwanted animals being sold as meat or being put to death, STOP BREEDING AN SELLING ANIMALS ON FACEBOOK

petition facebook

“She’s now useless”

Does anyone recognise this scum male? Please report him asap-even if he takes down the picture from facebook- we all have a copy of it- he should be charged and locked up-

josh wilson

LINKing crimes against people and animals /birds

The Link

Banner-photo-with-type2013Over the past 30 years, researchers and professionals in a variety of human services and animal welfare disciplines have established significant correlations between animal abuse, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, elder abuse and other forms of violence. Mistreating animals is no longer seen as an isolated incident that can be ignored: it is often an indicator or predictor crime and a “red flag” warning sign that other family members in the household may not be safe.

We call this species-spanning interconnectedness of different forms of violence The Link. The National Link Coalition is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative initiative to increase awareness and address public policy, programs and research. We serve as the National Resource Center on The Link between Animal Abuse and Human Violence. We want to stop the cycle of violence that often affects multiple family members. To achieve this critical goal, we need your help.
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Birds, dogs and cat taken from home – Abuse

This is happening in Austrapawslia too- I and others have seen it for ourselves-  the authorities will ban breeding very soon and will criminalise bird breeding, bird selling, bird abuse.

The bird sales are on all over Australia with stressed, terrified birds in small boxes.

Online bird ads portray shocking conditions of birds in Australia. It’s there in black and white.

Imagine what happens behind closed doors in Australian backyards and bird mill businesses.

Cowards, criminals and physically/mentally lazy people earning money from abusing a highly intelligent species. When this is done to human children, criminals are thrown in jail.

So why do we accept ‘people’ abusing birds who have the emotional intelligence of a human being?

And why do we acceptthose who use birds as slaves….paying off humans’ mortgages, school fees, holidays….pure slavery and inhumanity.

The universe has a way of spraying magic and justice…..and karma. The days are numbered for the lazy.


Animal control workers were left scrambling Thursday afternoon after taking about 30 birds and a half-dozen dogs and cats from a mobile home off Racetrack Road.

The birds are underweight and show other signs of stress, according to officials at the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society.

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Sam Simon: A True Hero for Animals

‘We’ll never quit”

The animals have lost a true ally and a sharp and honest tongue with the passing of PETA Honorary Director and entertainment giant Sam Simon, who was our dear friend, a stalwart champion of animal rights, and the multiple Emmy Award–winning co-creator of The Simpsons and one of the writing geniuses behind hit shows like Taxi, Barney Miller, Cheers, The Tracey Ullman Show, The Drew Carey Show, and the FX series Anger Management. click here for more

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/hToxzjD7bjw?feature=player_embedded&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


Therapy for Birds

Bird behaviourist Paris Yves has helped hundreds of Greek Australians better understand the needs of their pet birds

11 Mar 2015

Therapy for birds, you might ask? Well, it exists.

Greek Australian bird behaviourist Paris Yves has been helping pet owners better understand their birds for more than 10 years, while actively campaigning for the better treatment of birds all over Australia.

While she shies away from terms like ‘bird whisperer’ or ‘bird therapist’, she specialises in bird behaviour, pinpointing the underlying reasons why birds are acting out. click here for more

Ban Bird Sales Australia

Hello friends- in addition to the bullying and harassment I received last year for exposing bird abuse photos from bird sales in Victoria, I continue to receive harassing texts from revealed phone numbers!!! Anyway, you may be interested in the latest article about me in the Victorian based Bird breeding magazine and distributed throughout Aus- ‘alleged photos’ well as Dr Phil says, let’s get out a lie detector- I will welcome that anytime.
And in the attached photos how proud are the owners of birds standing beside their birds in small dirty cages in this magazine….. check out the article- And unfortunately Carrum Downs Primary school in Victoria have engaged with the large bird club I had exposed-to teach kids about breeding- well, since when have schools become breeding educators? Is that even legal?

As a recent harassing text said to me outright: Quote: “NO BREEDING MEANS NO BIRD SHOPS AND ALOT MORE PEOPLE ON DOLE QUE.’ Yes that is an ACTUAL/REAL carbon copy of part of 2 huge text messages with a phone number revealed. You see, there is no point replying to those who are uneducated and unmotivated to ‘think’ about life and an ethical, respectful personal life journey and job. When people think about earning money by abusing any species, whether it be a person, animal, bird, their mental capacity is narrow.

So, please don’t send negative emails to anyone- it’s a waste of your time and energy.

Those who support bird breeding do not understand bird behaviour and applied behaviour analysis-applied to humans as well- and they are not interested- they just don’t get it- let’s focus on educating the public and governments about ethical and respectful bird care-because if they did understand it, they would not ever contemplate forcing 2 birds to breed, removing eggs or babies from the parents. In the non-human animal world this is called kidnapping and has a criminal charge.

And if anyone is considering harassing myself or others whilst we express our personal and professional point of views and expose bird abuse and bird mills, don’t waste your time. Just remember that the bird mill industry is larger and more abusive than the puppy mill industry….

The difference is, some of us empathise and feel compassion and love….the rest just feel money.

crimson rosella in rusty cages at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne
crimson rosella in rusty cages at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne

inverell bird salecarrum down primary schoolbreeding ban call0001

Green parrots with no food at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne
Green parrots with no food at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne
eclectus in tight box $4000 at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne
eclectus in tight box $4000 at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne
lorikeets etc in box at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne 2014
lorikeets etc in box at Mornington Peninsula Bird Show Melbourne 2014

Thank you for your support

Carcasses of eleven dead kangaroos have been found dumped in bins- Melbourne Australia

The carcasses of eleven dead kangaroos have been found dumped in bins at Warrandyte, in Melbourne’s north-east.
Police said they were called to a car wash on Warrandyte-Heidelberg Road after a staff member discovered five carcasses on Tuesday afternoon.

20 of the 90 mostly parrots seized two weeks ago were found dead, believed to have died from starvation- ACT Australia

ACT Australia- Meanwhile, 20 of the 90 mostly parrots seized two weeks ago were found dead, believed to have died from starvation. well at least these birds got found- what about the thousands of other birds suffering in Australia and dying???? read more below….


Come on Australia- ban bird breeding!!!!!!! How many more birds need to be abused and die?

Birds suffer in breeder boxes and cages…it’s just a matter of time before they die.

Claims rabbits used as live bait for greyhounds, sparking investigation, Melbourne Australia


A VICTORIAN greyhound racing expert fears for the future of the sport after top trainers and owners were found to be using live possums, piglets and rabbits as bait for racing dogs.

And the RSPCA says it is “stunned” Greyhound Racing Victoria’s stewards failed to discover the practice

Sickening surveillance footage aired on ABC’s Four Corners last night showed animals squealing in terror and pain as they were flung around training tracks as bait.

The State Government has promised to crack down on the industry following the TV report, with Racing Minister Martin Pakula labelling the live baiting practice “barbaric, abhorrent and illegal”.

Happy Valentines Day to all the Companion Birds of the World!!!

valentines logo

Please share love, respect and compassion for all the companion birds in the world! And please send loving energy and thoughts and prayers to the millions of companion birds stuck in cages, in breeder facilities, in pets shops and private homes, suffering alone- not being able to fly or live with love. Please help me set these birds free- help me change government laws to ban bird breeding and to “Let Birds Fly!” in Australia!!!!

Please ADOPT companion birds!