Rodeo Abuse

European Anti- Rodeo Coalition

European Anti Rodeo Coalition
European Anti Rodeo Coalition

Rodeo – to take pleasure in torturing animals Why are we against rodeo?
Animals don’t exist for our entertainment. Rodeo takes away their dignity. They suffer from injury, pain, stress and fear. Frequent transporting makes for additional stress. Children learn from rodeo, that the one, who is the cruelest towards the animals, is rewarded with a prize.

Where do rodeos take place?
Rodeos are carried out in the USA, Canada, Latin America (foremost Brazil), Australia and New Zealand, Asia (Philippines) and Europe (Portugal, Germany, Poland, Tcheck Republic, France and Italy). Rodeo in Germany takes places in German-American Festivities and so-called Western Towns and on private property.

Which species are used in rodeo?
Cattle and Horses are used in European rodeo. In the USA pigs and sheep are also used.