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PETA’s Letter Writing Guide

Guide to Letter-Writing
Sometimes the pen — or word processor — really is mightier than the sword — and you don’t have to be Shakespeare! Writing letters to newspapers, businesses, and legislators is an easy, effective way to help animals. Here’s how …
Letters to the Editor

When you write letters to the editors of local newspapers instead of writing to just one person, you reach thousands! And it’s easier than you might think.

Read local papers and magazines for fuel for letters. Watch for articles, ads, or letters that mention animals.
Some examples:
o ads for rodeos, circuses, and fur stores
o articles about medical experiments
o features about local humane groups or companion animal care

Vic Government gives puppy factories tick of approval — Take Action!

Vic Government gives puppy factories tick of approval — Take Action! Australia  April 2014

This timid beagle is Molly. She is only just learning to trust. Until a few months ago she was a breeding dog and had been confined in a puppy factory in Victoria for her whole life.

When Molly was taken in by foster carers, she was in a bad way. Not only did she have complications from a botched desexing operation, her uterus had fused to her bladder, as a result of too many pregnancies and caesarean sections. She had simply been used up and cast aside by a profit driven industry.


The HSUS confronts national and global cruelties through major campaigns targeting the inhumane treatment of animals.

In The News

veal calf

November 3, 2009

Calves Abused at Vermont Slaughter Plant

Newly released investigation footage shows a USDA inspector apparently failing to enforce federal humane treatment laws at a Vt. slaughter plant while the plant co-owner and others viciously abused days-old veal calves.

Tell USDA: Protect Veal Calves from Abuse » | Get Involved With the Campaign »

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