-in Bali

Bayu Wirayudha, Friends of the National Parks Foundation, Bali

Wildlife Conservation

Objectives: Reintroduce, manage & ensure appropriate care for ex-captive birds and animals

Nusa Penida Bird Sanctuary

Funded by the Gibbon Foundation FNPF established the Nusa Penida Bird Sanctuary. Together with Begawan Giri Foundation FNPF has already released 49 Bali Starlings, up to May 2007 and ten offspring now fly free. The program respects IUCN guidelines and uses innovative methods to help birds re-adapt to their habitat, uniting government and customary ‘adat’ communities to protect birds under traditional and secular law. The program has a strong habitat enrichment component, with the local community planting trees like ficus to provide food and shelter for birds, in return for high-value commercial seedlings.