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BEHAVIOR CONCEPTS: Everything we do has purpose. Your bird’s behavior is no different. Look closely at your environment to understand why your bird acts in certain ways. Oftentimes we do things that cause a bird to act in negative ways. If we change, our birds will change. Birds are not naturally mean or constantly “hormonal” so take caution in using labels. If you place blame on the bird, you won’t look further at the situation and find other ways to solve problems. Some important concepts to remember:

* We get what we reinforce. Reward your bird for the things that work in your household and never take good behavior for granted. “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.”

This Parrot Enrichment Activity Book is available as a free PDF download.

Parrot Enrichment is dedicated to enriching the environment of companion parrots by sharing ideas for foraging opportunities, creative toys and activities for inside and outside the cage.

Hopefully, whether you are a new parrot owner or you have been living with parrots for several years, you will find information here that will enlighten and inspire you as well as help you with your own parrot enrichment goals.