Hunting- cruel reality still happening today!

Shooters take aim at lottery bill

Brian Robins and Andrew Clennell

June 24, 2009

THE State Government’s $500 million plan to privatise lotteries faces defeat after the Government rejected Shooters Party legislation for hunting in national parks.

The Coalition has said it will vote against the lotteries sale legislation. The Greens and the Reverend Gordon Moyes, a former member of the Christian Democrats, but now an independent member in the House, also oppose the sale.

The Shooters Party is withholding support as it wrangles for the Government to give ground on its bill supporting shooting in national parks. But the Deputy Premier, Carmel Tebbutt, said yesterday the Government had no intention of supporting the bill. “The Government has decided it won’t be supporting the Shooters bill for hunting in national parks. We don’t support hunting in national parks and we don’t support hunting of native animals.”…………………..