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The Animal Defenders Office ACT (ADO) is a non-profit community advice centre specialising in animal law and animal protection matters. The ADO is inspired by the Environment Defenders Offices, which have been around for decades protecting the environment. Now there’s an office dedicated entirely to protecting animals. The ADO aims to advise and educate on how the law affects animals and how it can be used to protect them. It also aims to take an active role in law reform and policy formulation regarding animals, and to offer an education program designed both to increase awareness of animal protection issues and to empower the community to engage in public decision-making affecting animals.

Lewis & Clark Law School’s Environmental and Natural Resources law program and the Center for Animal Law Studies are pleased to announce two exciting online professional development courses this summer. These courses are for attorneys, policymakers, medical professionals, employees in the private, non-profit, and government sectors, and anyone else interested in energy law or animal law issues.

International Animal-Law

About IAL

International Animal-Law© has established international, multidisciplinary networks encompassing experts from education, law, ethics, science, conservation, and other specialties that are relevant to the discipline of animal law.

International Animal-Law© is an organization committed to improving animal and human welfare by:

1. Provision of authoritative, relevant and objective education on animal welfare, law and ethics for professionals, corporates and the general public via face-to-face and online options;
2. Development and implementation of practical systems of governance and corporate animal welfare policy;
3. Expert opinion assessing animal welfare issues relevant to projects, policies and strategies implemented locally, nationally and internationally;
4. Development of animal law as a legal discipline.