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Clive’s quality aviaries has evolved from the need to provide housing for his own bird collection. To work well, bird cages and aviaries have to take the needs of each particular bird into account as each species can have their own individual requirements. Of course the aviary still needs to be easy to keep clean and maintain for the owner as well.

The right bird aviary is fundamental to keeping your birds happy and healthy, whether you’re a serious bird breeder or just like to keep a couple of “feathered friends” in the back yard.

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Suncatcher Large Walk In Bird Aviaries 

Welcome to our beautiful line of Suncatcher indoor and outdoor bird enclosures. Since our beginning we have been dedicated to providing pet owners and commercial breeders alike with attractive, quality environments for their pets and livestock at affordable prices. We definitely believe that more is better when it comes to cubic footage for animal environments.

Setting up an Outdoor Bird Aviary for Travel

 September 2nd, 2011Posted By:

video here

Many of you asked to see us set up our traveling bird aviaries, to see how long it really takes and we tried to stretch out this time lapse as much as possible but it’s still under a minute! It really doesn’t take long at all, since we welded the sides together to make the process easier knowing that the cages would be set up and taken down weekly.

Sisal rope products for birds and cats, Australia


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Expandable Habitats

Manufacturers of Innovative
High Quality Cages, Aviaries,
Custom Work, & Accessories
Since 1989 – over 13 years.
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Cage Features:

  • Pull Through Paper
  • Expandable
  • Stainless Steel
cage # 48306 Toy & Chewable
Hanging System

The safest way to hang toys &
chewable items for your bird.
Guaranteed & Patented.
Birds CAN NOT remove !
Chewable Hanger