Genetically modified foods

Genetically Modified Crops are Poisoning Us – On Purpose

by September 3, 2013

Genetically Modified Crops are Poisoning Us – On Purpose

Much of the controversy surrounding genetically modified crops has to do with the fears of unintended side effects — new food allergens, accidentally creating invasive species and even potential abuses of patent law. What we don’t usually consider is the intended purpose of these plants: these GM crops are being bred specifically to be more resistant to pesticides and herbicides.

So what about the people eating these plants? Unfortunately, we haven’t been genetically altered to better bear the toxic load of these chemicals. (And neither have the bees which pollinate these plants.) So while GM soybeans and corn thrive despite being repeatedly doused in poison, human beings aren’t faring so well. In fact, studies show that prenatal exposure to pesticides is linked to ADHD-like behaviors, slowed mental development and lower IQ scores in children. Many of these pesticides are also known to cause cancer and hormonal disruptions in humans.

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