Grief & Bereavement

In Loving Memory of my nephew Jayde…who always seemed to feel my emotions and kept me company during down times….

This page is about losing a Companion animal or the grief we feel when we read about or see any animal that has died.

AMICUS-Pet-Cremation Centre Quebec, Canada

The Amicus-pet-cremation centre is the only establishment on the island of Montreal that offers the possibility for individuals to honor the memory of their pets.

Dog DaisiesPet lovers will be excited to learn that the the first authentic Pet Cremation Centre for domestic animals officially opened their doors in 2008 on the island of Montreal now offers services in Laval and the South Shore.

Caring for a Sick Pet: How to Decide When to Euthanize Your Pet

October 3, 2013

The euthanasia conversation: Deciding when it’s time to euthanize a pet

Deciding When to Euthanize a PetThe Humane Society estimates nearly 4 in 5 households in the US own at least one cat or dog. That means, at some point, most of us will face the difficult decision of when to put our pet down. But as modern medical knowledge and technology progress and the lifespans of pets have the potential to be extended, recognizing the “right time” to euthanize your pet can be complicated.

The Most Emotional Clip Ever – Penguins Grieving

Birds grieve too

This video of deep grief displayed by a mother Emperor penguin who lost her chick is one of the most moving I’ve seen in a long time (for more information on Emperor penguins please click here and here). I’ve previously written about grief in other animals and birds also can surely be included among the nonhumans who display grief and sadness at the loss of family and friends (see John Marzluff and Tony Angell’s book Gifts of the Crow and their Psychology Today essays and also Barbara King’s comprehensive book How Animals Grieve).

How to Spend Forever with Your Pet

How to Spend Forever with Your Pet

I  want to be buried with my cats. One problem: finding a cemetery that will do it. That’s because of a second problem: some people hate the idea of being buried next to a non-human animal as much as people like me love it.

A good book to read, especially for those who care for many animals is:

Compassion Fatigue in the Animal-Care Community- Charles R. Figley and Robert G. Roop- published by the Humane Society of the United States.

If you wish to share your story about an animal you grieve about, please feel free to share……