-Bird Behaviour

Parrot behaviour is mainly about dealing with how to understand what your parrot is telling you, especially via their body language and how to best interract with the parrot, with the utmost respect and dignity for the parrot.



parrot enrichment picParrot Enrichment Activity Book- Kris Porter

The Parrot Enrichment Activity Books are filled with photographs, suggestions and ideas to enrich the lives of parrots and promote activity rather than stillness.



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Goodbird Inc- Barbara Heidenreich

Parrot Behavior Problems and other FAQ

My parrot is afraid of me. How can I get my parrot to trust me?
My parrot bites or attacks people. How do I stop my parrot from biting?
My parrot won’t step up. How can I get my parrot to step up?
My parrot screams for attention. How do I stop my parrot from screaming?
My parrot only likes one person in the family. How can I teach him to like me and others?
My parrot picks his feathers. What can I do to stop this?
I need one on one help for a parrot behavior problem. How do I get a consultation?

goodbird inc

Parrot & Bird Terminology for Training

Barbara Heidenreich- Good bird Inc, USA

Learning about parrot training is fun! However sometimes the terminology used to describe training can get a bit confusing. Good Bird Inc has prepared a list of terms commonly used in animal training to help parrot training enthusiasts become familiar with some of the commonly used language. The list could go on and on, however we decided to focus on the words most may encounter on their journey into animal training.

Behavior Analysis:

The science of behavior change; the study of the functional relations between behavior and environmental events. It attempts to understand, explain, describe and predict behavior. In many ways it is a study of how animals learn.