-International Society of Applied Ethology


The Society was created in Edinburgh in 1966, as the Society for Veterinary Ethology (SVE). It rapidly expanded to cover all applied aspects of Ethology and other Behavioural Sciences, which are relevant to many human-animal interactions, such as farming, wildlife management, the keeping of companion and laboratory animals, and the control of pests. The Society also quickly became increasingly international: it now has a federal, international structure as well as regional representatives around the world. In 1991, on the 25th anniversary of the SVE, the society was re-named the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE). At the International Congress that year a paper was presented by Carol Petherick and Ian Duncan entitled “The Society for Veterinary Ethology 1966-1991 the 25th Anniversary Review”. Click here to read the article and learn more about the history of the SVE / ISAE.

Administration of the Society is the responsibility of a Council. The Council also provides technical evidence on topics relating to animal behaviour and animal welfare during the committee stages of government legislation, for example, by discussion with groups such as the UK’s Farm Animal Welfare Council. The European Parliament and the Council of Europe also consult council on such matters.