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animal behaviour centreLara Joseph- USA

The Animal Behavior Center, LLC.
animal and avian behavior, training, & enrichment specialist
Professional Member of IAATE & ABMA
Founder of The Parrot Society of NW Ohio

Lara is the owner of The Animal Behavior Center, LLC in Ohio. She presents workshops, travels, lectures, and consults focusing on positive reinforcement interactions and modifying behavior through applications in behavior analysis. She is also the Director of Avian Training for a wildlife rehabilitation center where she focuses on taking stress out of animal environments. Lara is a professional member of The Animal Behavior Management Alliance and The International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators and sits on the Advisory Board for The Indonesian Parrot Project. She is also a member of and writes for The American Federation of Aviculture and The Pet Professional Guild. For more information visit her website at TheAnimalBehaviorCenter.com.





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The Kerulos Learning Institute– USA

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Courses and internships in service to animals.


Learning becomes meaningful only when linked to action. Our learning-in-service courses, internships, and mentoring combine online learning with practical hands-on work that directly supports animals and the organizations working to save them. As graduates of these courses, learners become part of the Star Thrower Community – people changing their lives so that other animals can survive and thrive.*

NEWSky Minds – Introduction to Bird Psychology and Trauma Recovery

  A critical course for anyone caring about or caring for parrots, chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, and other birds. Topics include principles of trans-species psychology, bird neuroanatomy, and bird mental and emotional development.

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Sky Minds introduces core scientific principles of bird psychology, traumatic effects of capture, captivity, and domestication and ways in which bird trauma recovery can be supported. The course answers commonly asked questions such as:

Can parrots and domesticated birds ever find happiness in captivity?

  • Are captive raised and reintroduced parrots the “same” as wild parrots?
  • Are humans and other species “enough” for birds in captivity or do they require companionship of their species?
  • Do all birds in captivity suffer trauma?
  • How do psychological versus behavioral approaches to birds differ?
  • What does bird sentience imply for how we live with and care for our avian kin?

Gaggle of geeseThe course content is based on three radical changes in scientific understanding:


  1. Bird brains are not “less than” mammals. The brain structures and processes of Parrots, Chickens, Turkeys, and other birds are comparable to those of humans despite having evolved along separate, but parallel trajectories
  2. Mental and emotional well-being of all animals is relationally-based. Our minds and brains develop and thrive inter-psychically
  3. Understanding birds by their behavior alone is incomplete. Birds and other animals, including humans, are psychological beings

These principles are illustrated during the course with case studies and applied to practical, day-today concerns. Sky Minds is part of The Kerulos Center’s Aves Sagradas project and reflects our mission to support bird dignity and freedom.

Course Organization

Course topics include:

Principles of trans-species psychology

  • Avian neuroanatomy
  • Parrot and domesticated bird mental and emotional development
  • Sources, symptoms, and diagnosis of trauma
  • Practical and ethical approaches to trauma recovery as they apply to caring and living with birds in captivity, reintroduction, and conservation.

Sky Minds is self-paced and online consisting of four video lectures. As a self-paced (asynchronous) course, learners can listen and view at their own pace and time zone. There are companion readings and related links. The course includes live discussion and question-and-answer sessions with the instructor.

The course is intended for individual bird advocates, carers, rescue, sanctuary, and conservation workers and professionals, students and others committed to bird well-being and self-determination.

Instructor: G.A. Bradshaw, PhD, PhD
Dates: Self-paced lectures with live discussion. Available September 22, 2014.
Prerequisites: None
Tuition: $85.00 (Group discounts available)