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Introduction to DawnWatch

Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time, and great friend to the animals, likes to say, “The Media is dumber than the people. And that’s not easy.” Thankfully, that’s not true of all media, or all people. And dumb or smart, the media are powerful. They affect the way we think. From the media we get information on what is important, what is hip, what is healthy. They influence how we spend our money and for whom we vote.

Journalists, editors, writers and directors control what is in the media. The good news for us is that two variables influence their choices:

The first is simply their knowledge — what they are exposed to. If a health journalist gets hooked on kickboxing, kickboxing will be on the news that week as the hot new thing.

The second is perceived interest. People in the media want to know that what they are putting out is going to be popular. Popularity translates into high circulation or ratings, and thereby into vital advertising dollars.

PETA- Become an Activist

Thoughtful, Committed Citizens

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

—Margaret Mead

Activists are just that—thoughtful, committed citizens who can change the world simply by standing up for what they believe in. More and more people are going all out for animals, and we at PETA are constantly in awe of the fun, creative ways they come up with. Pop star Pink makes a toy cow moo at members of her crew whenever they order meat on tour. Musicians like Sir Paul McCartney and the 2006 World’s Sexiest Vegetarian, Prince, use their tour programs and the liner notes in their CDs to talk about animal rights. At age 19, former PETA US staffer Chris Garnett had his name legally changed to!

Bayside Friends of Native Wildlife

Friends of Native Wildlife are Bayside residents active in preserving local native fauna.

We do this by:

  • Regular surveys for animals such as frogs, Rakali (water rats), birds, insects and reptiles
  • Monitoring and reporting all local wildlife sightings
  • Ongoing contribution to a database of local wildlife
  • Outings to search for wildlife
  • Submissions regarding local and state policy as it affects local fauna and habitat
  • Participation in habitat enhancement activities such as tree-planting, weed control, etc.


WELCOME! This website is about Howard Lyman (4th generation cattle rancher and vegan), his inspiring life, the Oprah Trial, the “Mad Cowboy” Feature Documentary, the book “Mad Cowboy,” Voice for a Viable Future, his speaking schedule, and over 350 REFERENCED FACTOIDS for anyone to use about Mad Cow Disease, Vegetarianism, the Environment, Human Health, and Animal Rights.

About AnimaNaturalis

Our main objective is the dissemination of information necessary for that change of consciousness that permits the peaceful coexistence between humans and nonhumans.

Founded in March 2003, is an organization dedicated to establish, disseminate and protect the rights of all animals.

We believe that animals deserve fundamental rights as the right to life, liberty, not to be tortured and not to be considered property. The idea of rights provides protection to people with interests and animals have at least sought the interest of welfare states and states avoid painful. AnimaNaturalis focuses on preventing the suffering of animals in four main areas where they are used: animals as food, animals in laboratories, animals such as clothing and animal shows. This purpose is implemented on four pillars:

  • Animals should not be used as food
  • Animals should not be used as clothing
  • Animals should not be used as entertainment
  • Animals should not be used to perform experiments
    AnimaNaturalis works through public education, dissemination of information and awareness, and does so by protest campaigns, rallies, demonstrations, lectures and information tables.
    For AnimaNaturalis, the animal rights is a cause that involves justice, compassion and respect.  With professionalism and responsibility, will continue to defend the interests of animals, giving voice to those who do not already have in our society.

Best Friends Animal Society-Utah

Best Friends’ No More Homeless Pets campaign created a new vision: A grassroots effort to place dogs and cats who were considered “unadoptable” into good homes, and to reduce the number of unwanted pets through effective spay and neuter programs.  Since then, the number of dogs and cats being destroyed in shelters has fallen to approximately 5 million a year.  There has been much progress,but there is still much more to do.