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Due to many forms of human intervention our iconic and precious wildlife suffer every day.

Wildlife Victoria cares for these voiceless animals and is committed to reducing that suffering and providing as many animals as possible with another chance at life.

If you have found a non-native animal such as a pigeon, rabbit or fox, please be aware that Wildlife Victoria is only able to provide hands-on assistance with native animals. For assistance with non-native animals, including domestic animals such as cats or dogs, please contact the RSPCA on 9224 2222 or your local council.

Bayside Friends of Native Wildlife, Melbourne Australia

 barn_owl_in_black_rock_by_ian_parsons_0Friends of Native Wildlife are Bayside (Melbourne, Australia) residents active in preserving local native fauna.

We do this by:

  • Regular surveys for animals such as frogs, Rakali (water rats), birds, insects and reptiles
  • Monitoring and reporting all local wildlife sightings
  • Ongoing contribution to a database of local wildlife
  • Outings to search for wildlife
  • Submissions regarding local and state policy as it affects local fauna and habitat
  • Participation in habitat enhancement activities such as tree-planting and weed control

Check out the projects we are working on, and join us in upcoming events.

 Fight for Tasmanian devils as critical breeding program faces financial crisis

Devil Ark hopes to raise up to 360 devils by 2016.

THE future of one of Australia’s foremost Tasmanian devil breeding programs is in jeopardy.

The Devil Ark, which is dedicated to breeding disease-free devils, is facing a financial crisis and has issued an urgent appeal for help.

Devil Ark general manager Tim Faulkner says the future of the operation is at “terrible risk” because of a recent grant knock-back.