kangaroosRuling to stop waste of Kangaroo meat
Posted by: Fenella Wagener | 19 March, 2014 – 10:34 AM

The state government says its move to allow kangaroo meat to be turned into pet food will stop the waste of good meat.

From the end of the month, kangaroos culled in Victoria will be able to be sold to pet food manufacturers for the first time.

Currently, any kangaroo culled in this state should be buried.

Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh told 3AW Breakfast the new ruling would not increase the number of kangaroos culled, rather carcasses would no longer be wasted.

About 70,000 kangaroos are culled annually in Victoria.

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Russian Revolution

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Broadcast: 16/11/2009 12:49:54 PM

Reporter: John Taylor

ANNE KRUGER, PRESENTER: A Russian delegation will travel to western Queensland in the new year to examine improvements in the kangaroo meat supply chain. This follows top-level talks in Moscow and Canberra over the past few weeks aimed at overturning an import ban over contamination and food-safety issues. Since Russia accounts for two-thirds of the trade, the outcome of these delicate negotiations and an overhaul of the industry may well determine the future of the annual kangaroo harvest.

JOHN TAYLOR, REPORTER: Far beyond the lights of Charleville in south-west Queensland, Peter Melano’s working day has begun. He’s a professional kangaroo shooter and has been for about 17 years.

PETER MELANO, KANGAROO SHOOTER: Yeah, mate, it’s tough but it’s not a bad job, you know, like there’s probably worse jobs around.

JOHN TAYLOR: And in far-flung places like this he’s in good company.

PETER MELANO: I’d say around Charleville maybe 20 or 30 full-time shooters and then anywhere up to nearly probably 100 with the part-time shooters as well.

JOHN TAYLOR: In good times, kangaroo meat is the basis for a multimillion dollar rural export industry. But times are tough and the price Peter Melano gets per kilogram has fallen dramatically.

PETER MELANO: It’s got harder, mate, like, with the way the global economy’s going and the markets have just all dropped off. We did have a high of $1.30 which was very brief but it was very high. We come back to $1, it sort of hovered around $1 for a period and then slowly crept back to 70 cents since Russia pulled out of the market and I would like to think it’s not going to go any further. click here for more of interview