2. Who are we?

Hello my name is Paris and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I manage and administer ‘Wonderful World of Non-Human Animals.

I am a Bird Behaviourist/ Educator and Campaigner,  Project Manager,  Independent Film Maker (click facebook/film,) Actor ,Life Counsellor and  Reiki Practitioner (click www.myfreewilljourney.com ) amongst other things!

I believe in positive change.

Change is a good thing- it encourages us tow ‘open the window’ to (hopefully humane) opportunities that positively develop our passions, inspire us to dream realistic dreams  and fulfill our soul’s potential!

I have been wanting to gather as much information as possible about Non-Human Animals and try to merge as much of this  information (if possible) into one website and films/ documentaries.

I have found so much information on too many websites for everyone to have time to locate, so I thought I’d try to merge as much of this information into one easy-to-use site. I realised that most of us are so time poor today, that trying to find information we are looking for can take up a lot of time.

This site is about informing and educating adults and children about how Non-Human Animals are entitled by nature to co-exist on Earth, humanely, with dignity and respected as belonging to only themselves and not being controlled negatively by humans.

This site is not about blaming people who treat Non-Human Animals otherwise, (as many of us would perceive the treatment as abusive), but this site is about making Non-Human Animal issues and problems further available to the public and hopefully informing the unaware members of our society.

Though much of the current Non- Human Animal information is heart breaking, there is plenty of inspiring information that can encourage us all to learn from and understand how precious,and intelligent Non-Human Animals really are & how they should be loved and treated accordingly.

I also found that the  limited caregiver information regarding Non-Human Animals may be complex or too technical at times to understand and that the everyday Non-Human Animal caregiver would appreciate simple information on how to enrich the lives of and with their Non-Human Animals.

So here goes…if you have related information or websites e.t.c. you’d like me to add to and share on my site, you are very welcome to email me at wwwonha@hotmail.com  .  I can’t do it all alone in one lifetime so please contribute as much information as possible! Your contribution can be anonymous on the site or I am happy to add your name if you wish.

Thank you for your support in further ‘opening the window’ to the Wonderful World of Non-Human Animals!

My Bird/ Animal Behaviour Education: 

USA- Learning & Living with Animals- Dr S. G. Friedman (http://www.behaviorworks.org/ ) LLA Certificate

USA- Creative Aviaries & Foraging Toys- Lara Joseph,    http://www.theanimalbehaviorcenter.com

USA- Fundamentals of Aviculture- American Federation of Aviculture http://afabirds.org/foa_completed.shtml

Australia- Veterinary level 1- Chisholm Institute/ http://www.ed2go.comstucert-classes-pcv-1209-ParisYves