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Posted on September 29, 2010 by David

David Cassuto

In keeping with my earlier promise to highlight well-argued pieces on both sides of the veganism debate, here is a piece by former vegan and author George Monbiot, which explains why he has now concluded that meat-eating (not, however, the factory farm system) is ok.  There have been a number of thoughtful responses to Monbiot.  Here is one and here’s another.

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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3)
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reducing the suffering of farmed animals
by promoting informed, ethical eating.

Vegan Outreach

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Interested in exploring a more compassionate way of life? Unsure how to try vegetarianism? Vegan Outreach’s starter guide covers everything from nutrition to recipes to philosophy—for everyone from those wanting to try vegetarian foods occasionally, to longtime vegans!Our starter guide is also available in booklet format, entitled Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating: 


Were Humans Meant to Eat Meat?

By Sally Deneen

Cardiologist William C. Roberts hails from the famed cattle state of Texas, but he says this without hesitation: Humans aren’t physiologically designed to eat meat. “I think the evidence is pretty clear. If you look at various characteristics of carnivores versus herbivores, it doesn’t take a genius to see where humans line up,” says Roberts, editor in chief of The American Journal of Cardiology and medical director of the Baylor Heart and Vascular Institute at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. © Stephen Kroninger
As further evidence, Roberts cites the carnivore’s short intestinal tract, which reaches about three times its body length. An herbivore’s intestines are 12 times its body length, and humans are closer to herbivores, he says. Roberts rattles off other similarities between human beings and herbivores. Both get vitamin C from their diets (carnivores make it internally). Both sip water, not lap it up with their tongues. Both cool their bodies by perspiring (carnivores pant).
Human beings and herbivorous animals have little mouths in relation to their head sizes, unlike carnivores, whose big mouths are all the better for “seizing, killing and dismembering prey,” argues nutrition specialist Dr. Milton R. Mills, associate director of preventive medicine for the Washington, D.C.-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). People and herbivores extensively chew their food, he says, whereas swallowing food whole is the preferred method of carnivores and omnivores.
Got Milk?
Dr. Neal D. Barnard, PCRM’s founder and president, says humans lack the raw abilities to be good hunters. “We are not quick, like cats, hawks or other predators,” he says. “It was not until the advent of arrowheads, hatchets and other implements that killing and capturing prey became possible.”…………..

Vegetarian/Vegan Societies and Organizations including Raw Food Groups

(Great places to meet fellow vegetarians and/or learn more about vegetarian/vegan diets)

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*EarthSave Int’l Advocates of a plant-based diet. Include monthly dine-out evenings, membership potluck dinners, The Taste of Health


Vegetarian Society of Alabama


EarthSave Anchorage – APU Box 11, 4101 University Dr., Anchorage, AK 99508 (907) 566-3622

Vegetarian Society of Alaska (907) 301-9672.


Vegan Action Canebeds, AZ –


Vegan Action Conway, AR –

Vegan Action Fayetteville, AR –


Bay Area Vegetarians (BAV) is a San Francisco Bay Area wide group for vegans, vegetarians, veg*n-inclined and interested people to find community & support with like-minded folks. We support, encourage & connect the local veg*n community through planned monthly events and our online discussion forum and mailing lists (“SFBAVeg”, “SFBAVeg-Events”). In the community spirit, all of our events are organized by volunteers, and membership is free.

EarthSave Inland Empire: 3243 Spring Garden St. Riverside, CA 92501 (909) 682-1196 Email: Fax: 909-784-4973

EarthSave Marin: PO Box 2086 Mill Valley, CA 94942 (415) 383-9143 Email:

EarthSave Orange County – Orange County: (877) 258-5696 Email:

EarthSave Sacramento: PO Box 188099 Sacramento, CA 95818-8099 (916) 733-2165 Email: Fax: (916) 444-2384

EarthSave San Diego: 619-516-1240 Email:

EarthSave Santa Barbara: 2022 Cliff Dr #259 Santa Barbara, CA 93109 (805) 566-7506

San Diego County (SDC) Living Foods – Vegetarian Raw Foods Support Group of San Diego County 619/260-6968

San Francisco Vegetarian Society

Southern California Vegetarians is an organization that educates on the benefits of a plant-based diet on the environment, human health, treatment of animals and world hunger. It also serves as a social and support organization for the members and their concerns (health issues, mistreatment of fellow earthlings, etc).

Living & Raw Foods for Healthy Living – Santa Cruz

Vegan Action Lynwood, CA –

Vegan Action Sacramento, CA –

Vegan Action San Francisco Bay Area, CA –

Vegan Action San Diego, CA –

Vegan Action Santa Cruz, CA –

Vegan Action Santa Monica, CA –

Vegan Action Stanford, CA –,

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Vegan Action Boulder, CO –

Vegetarian Society of Colorado


EarthSave P.O. Box 331 N. Branford, CT 06471 (203) 985-1135 Email:

The Northern Connecticut Vegetarian Society

District of Columbia

The Vegetarian Society of the District of Columbia


EarthSave Miami – Miami: PO Box 160191 Miami, FL 33116-0191 (305) 228-1116 Email: mvegan@AOL.COM Web site:

EarthSave Space coast: 164 Jamaica Drive Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 321-799-0253 email:

Miami-Live! Living Food Support Group

Vegan Action Dunedin, FL –

Vegan Action South Florida –

A Vegetarian Dinner Club is forming in the Sarasota/Venice area. Members alternate turns hosting monthly themed (i.e. “Mexican Fiesta”) dinners. Space is limited. For information, please email

Vegetarian Events – Vegetarian Events was founded in 1987 as an educational and activists non-profit organization to promote vegetarianism, environmentalism, and animal liberation.


The Black Vegetarian Society of Georgia,, (770) 621 5056

Vegan Action Atlanta, GA –

Vegetarian Society of Georgia


Vegetarian Society of Hawaii


Chicago Vegetarian Society

CVS – Campus Vegetarian Society (Univ. Illinois at Champaign-Urbana)

Go Veggie! was formed to serve the educational and social needs of committed vegetarians as well as those who are just beginning to explore the many benefits of this lifestyle. Go Veggie! is dedicated to promoting the advantages of vegetarianism for human health, our environment, and the well being of all life on our planet.

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EarthSave Bloomington – Bloomington: P.O. Box 611 Ellersville, IN 47429-0611 (812) 876-6452 Email:


EarthSave Lexington: PO Box 8414 Lexington, KY 40533 (606) 293-8966

EarthSave Louisville – Louisville: 600 Distillery Commons, Suite 200 Louisville, KY 40204 (502) 569-1876 Email: Web site:


EarthSave Baltimore: 517 Talbott Ave., Lutherville, MD 21093-4947, (410) 252-3043 Email:


EarthSave Boston – EarthSave Boston has a monthly “Sunday Speaker Series & Social” with a fascinating variety of topics, good discussion, delicious meals, and it’s open to the public. Please see the EarthSave Boston website for more information. And please come join in on the ongoing conversation on our email list. We’d love to meet you. Email: Phone: 617-824-4225 Fax: 603-372-7987 Email list:

MIT Vegetarian Group

Boston Vegetarian Society

Vegan Enlightenment Center – The future is Evolution….vegetarian and more…. POB 1139 Orleans, MA 02653


EarthSave Minneapolis/St. Paul: 612-926-5032

Vegetarian Society of Minnesota


EarthSave Missoula: 406-549-1143 Email:

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Vegan Action Reno, NV –

New Jersey

Jersey Shore Vegan Association –

Vegetarian Society of South Jersey

New Mexico

New Mexico Living Foods Community – Serving the Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos Living Foods Community

Vegetarian Society of New Mexico

New York

EarthSave Hudson Valley – 2 Jefferson Rd Scarsdale, NY 10583 (914) 472-7392 Email: Website:

EarthSave Long Island: PO Box 292 Huntington, NY 11743 (631) 421-3791 (Phone and FAX) Email:

EarthSave NYC – PO Box 96 New York, NY 10108 Tel: 212.696.7986 Email:

Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society, Inc.

The Rochester Area Vegetarian Society

VivaVegie Society

The Raw Energy Telephone Hotline – based in New York City, provides timely information for the vegetarian, raw/living food community. If you reside in or are visiting the New Yok City area, you can call the Hotline toll free at: (212) 343-1152



EarthSave Cincinnati: P.O. Box 3125 Cincinnati, OH 45201-3125 (513) 929-2500 Email:

EarthSave Cleveland: PO Box 16271 Rocky River, OH 44116 (216) 556-3701

Vegan Action Loveland, OH –


EarthSave Southern Oregon: 472 Walker Ave. Ashland, OR 97520 (541) 482-5330

Eugene Raw Foods Community, Eugene, Oregon,

Eugene Veg Education Network (EVEN) – 1574 Coburg Rd., #120, Eugene OR 97401, (541) 343-8055

Northwest VEG – 24305 NE Elkhorn Rd., Brush Prairie, WA 98606, (503) 224-7380

Vegetarian Survival Guide for the Eugene area [even though specific to the Eugene area, this site has lots of articles and good information. The restaurant information made me salivate. If you have a chance to visit the Tofu Palace… Yum!]

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EarthSave Central Pennsylvania: PO Box 459 Carlisle, PA 17013 (717) 245-2329 Email: We currently serve the area of Carlisle, Harrisburg, and Lancaster, Penn.

Vegan Action Bethelem, PA –


EarthSave Nashville: PO Box 3469 Brentwood, TN 37024-3469 (615) 366-3323 Email:

East Tennessee Vegetarian Society


Black Vegetarian Society of Texas,

The RiceVegetarian Club

Vegan Action Fortworth, TX –

Vegetarian Society of Houston


EarthSave Salt Lake City: PO Box 526164 Salt Lake City, UT 84152-6164 (435) 647-0961 Email:

Utah’s Living Food Diet, Support and Education Website! Our mission is to bring together people who are interested in the raw food movement.


Vermont Vegetarian Society


Vegan Action Richmond, VA –

Vegetarian Society of Richmond


EarthSave Seattle

Seattle Raw Foods Community

Vancouver: See Oregon: “Portland/Vancouver”

Vegetarians of Washington

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The Calgary Vegetarian Society

EarthSave Canada : A nonprofit educational organization promoting awareness of the health, environmental and ethical consequences of our food choices. We advocate the move to plant-based diet choices for better health, environmental sustainability and compassion toward non-human animals.

Halifax Association of Vegetarians

Northern Vegetarian Society

Raw Food Society of British Columbia

Toronto Vegetarian Association Canada’s largest and oldest vegetarian organization

Toronto Vegetarian Association

Vancouver Island Vegetarian Association

Vegan Action Toronto –

Vegan Québec

Vegan Voices – Vegan Activist Group based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Organizes vegan/vegetarian social events, animal rights protests, information tables, etc.

Vegetarians of Alberta – “If we see the vegetarian issue beyond simply our personal health and well-being to its direct impact on the destiny of our planet, then I think it’s good for us to give a little service to the veggie cause.”
— Glen McLean, founder VOA

Winnipeg Vegetarian Association

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Act Vegetarian Society

Asian Vegetarian Union

Australia News and Coming Events of Interest to Vegans

Australian Vegetarian Society

EarthSave Int’l Advocates of a pland-based diet. Include monthly dine-out evenings, membership potluck dinners, The Taste of Health

EarthSave Australia – promotes food choices that are healthy for people and the planet. We educate, inspire and empower people to shift towards a plant based diet and to take compassionate action for all life on earth.

EarthSave Montreal

EarthSave UK

European Vegetarian Union – he European Vegetarian Union (EVU) is an ‘umbrella’ organisation for most vegetarian groups in Europe. The aims of the EVU include keeping the vegetarian groups in Europe in touch with each other and to inform the public about the European developments.

Finnish Vegan Society

France Veg is the French vegan society

The Fresh Network is a unique organisation based in the UK, promoting a diet high in raw & living foods

The Indonesian Vegan Society – The Indonesian Vegan Society exists to promote a lifestyle that is free from animal products.

International Vegetarian Union – Promoting Vegetarianism Worldwide Since 1908

Japan Vegetarian Society (JPVS)

Jewish Vegetarians of North America

New Zealand Vegetarian Society Inc. – Wellington Branch

The North American Vegetarian Society!

Österreichische Vegetarier Union

Sheffield Vegan Society Promoting a compassionate and ecologically sound life-style

Vegan Action Argentina –

Vegan Action France – Sebastian Gonnot, 8 Crs Gambetta, 69007 Lyon

Vegan Action Indonesia –

Vegan Action New Zealand –

Vegan Action Poland – Maciej Dziegielewski, Kietcrew I 19, 62-633 Wizaca Wlk.

Vegan Action Sweden –

Vegan Society UK – Promoting ways of living which avoid the use of animal products- for the benefit of people, animals and the environment

Planet Veggie UK – a guide to restaurants, shops and groups in East London. It also contains exclusive jewelry, vegan info, links, a messageboard and a guestbook.

Vegetarian Network Victoria (VNV), established in 1998, is a volunteer-based, non-profit organisation in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  It is run by people who care about human health, animal welfare and the environment. Our aim is to promote the many benefits of vegetarianism, and provide quality service, information and support to vegetarians.

Vegetarian Society of Singapore

Vegetarian Society of Western Australia

Vegetarian Society UK

Vegetarian Union of North America

The Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland is located in Queensland, the northeastern state of Australia. The aims of the Society are to: encourage vegetarianism as a humane and responsible lifestyle. provide information relating to vegetarianism. foster social contact among vegetarians and people interested in vegetarianism.

Vegetarian World – To set up a traditional annual forum of vegetarians of Russia and other countries and ? showcase of vegetarian foodstuffs and services.

The Schwartz Collection on Judaism, Vegetarianism, and Animal Rights

by Richard Schwartz, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
College of Staten Island
Email Richard Schwartz

Author of Judaism and Vegetarianism, Judaism and Global Survival, and Mathematics and Global Survival.


Vegan Outreach


Ninety-nine percent of animals killed in the United States each year are slaughtered for human consumption. Vegan Outreach is working to expose and end cruelty to animals through the widespread distribution of our illustrated booklets (click titles to view PDFs): Why Vegan?, Even If You Like Meat, and Compassionate Choices, along with our follow-up Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating.

As a Vegan Outreach activist, anyone, anywhere, in any situation can be the best possible spokesperson for the animals. Our booklets have been distributed by many individuals and organizations, from middle school students to animal advocacy organizations (e.g., FARM, Farm Sanctuary, The Fund for Animals, In Defense of Animals, PETA, Mercy For Animals, etc.). Your donation will put more booklets into more people’s hands.

All – Working for a peaceful world for Humans, Animals and the Environment


Vegan – Vegetarian Recipe Book

How Mary and Frank and Friends Eat

“We are dedicated to cruelty free living through a vegetarian – vegan lifestyle.”   “Let no animal die that we may live!”

Recipes (Animal Liberation Victoria) click title for more recipes


Fruit salad
Muesli with Soy Milk and Yoghurt
Strawberry & Banana Smoothie
Porridge with Banana and Wheatgerm
Toasted fruit muffin
Berry Smoothie with Greens
Cereal Bar
Toast with Soy Chai
Scrambled Tofu
Cereal – Brekky Blast
Blueberry Muffins
Home made beans on toast
Calcium rich Banana & Berry Smoothie
French Toast
Pancakes with berries
Cereal – Healthy start
Chocolate Banana Smoothie
Banana and Walnut Muffins
Muesli and Cherry Nectar
Fruit Cups
Porridge with Berries
Toast with a choice of toppings
Breakfast bread with Maple Syrup
Big Cooked Breakfast
Green Smoothie
Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins
Cereal – Sultana Flakes
Waffles with Fruit & Maple Syrup
Breakfast Wrap

sides / dips

Garlic Bread
Potato Wedges
Parmigiana Sauce


Falafel & Hommus wrap
Leek Potato and Lentil soup
Fry’s Schnitzel Sandwich
Potato, Squash & Asparagus Frittata
Adzuki Bean Burgers & Potato Wedges
Baked Potatoes with Home Made Coleslaw
Roasted Vegetable and Pesto Sandwich
Peking ‘Duck’ Pancakes
Vegetable Fritters
Tempeh and Parsnip Rolls

sweets / desserts

Anzac Biscuits
Carrot Cake
Lemon Cheesecake
Macadamia & White Choc Biscuits
Sticky Date Pudding