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Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Group

Welcome to the website of the Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Group, a
special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association Ltd. We represent
qualified veterinary acupuncturists who are also members of the Australian
Veterinary Association.

Our Mission

The Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Group (AVAG) aims:

  • To promote the use of acupuncture in veterinary practice as a drug free, complementary therapy which can be used as a sole method of therapy or in conjunction with conventional western medicine and surgery;
  • To educate veterinarians in the theory and practice applications of acupuncture;
  • To provide continuing education in veterinary acupuncture; and
  • To encourage clinical research into veterinary acupuncture

Homeopathic Bird Remedies


Homeopathic bird remedies are primarily made using bird feathers, but sometimes they are made from bird claws, or blood. Basically the essence of a bird is captured and made into an homeopathic remedy to treat a variety of different issues or imbalances. In homeopathy the essence of any substance acquired from a living source such as animal, plant, or mineral can be diluted and made into a life-force remedy.

Holistic pet care

Pets bilde opt

When veterinarian Dr Manuela Trueby arrived in Australia over 20 years ago, she was surprised to find that holistic therapies for pets were almost non-existent. In her home country of Germany, even back then, it was common practice for vets to be trained in complementary medicine.

“In Germany, one in three vets also use alternative therapies,” she says. “I started training in homeopathy at university when I was studying veterinary science.”

Holistic bird.org

Holistic comes from the word ‘whole’. When we look at a pet bird holistically, we consider the bird’s whole being, which includes mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Each of these factors affects health and is taken into consideration when evaluating our bird holistically.  Some of these factors include:

  • diet and nutrition
  • housing and surrounding environment
  • social interaction and companionship
  • physical stimulation, exercise and play

When a bird is not well, the healer and owner work together to find the underlying cause and ‘cure’ it, rather than just eliminating symptoms. Addressing symptoms alone often makes the cause of disease manifest itself in other ways.

Healing methods on this site nclude conventional Western medicine along with more traditional healing modalities such as:

  • herbal remedies
  • homeopathics and flower essences
  • energy healing, love, touch, prayer
  • crystals, color and light therapy
  • accupuncture

Many pet bird diseases can be healed simply by improving the bird’s diet. Natural health for birds is often a combination of methods (modalities), some of which are mentioned above.

This website is intended to break through the barriers of misunderstanding. It contains discussions and explanations regarding different pet bird health problems and the healing methods used to address them. It also shares information on a variety of other topics that can impact the health of your bird.

Pru and Sage

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to save money on vet fees

Of all his exploits, Cowboy the cat’s most daring stunt was getting stuck at the top of a power pole. The local fire brigade kindly turned up and gave Cowboy a fireman’s lift back to ground zero. Thanks to them he was none the worse for wear and a donation to the social fund was my only expense. Not so the times he was hit by a car and mauled by a dog. Both were costly but they were emergencies and I happily forked out the vet’s fees (with excellent results in both cases).

When your pet is ill you do have a choice, however. Always get a second opinion if the vet proposes expensive tests and treatments. OK, you have to cough up for another consult but it may save you $$$ and the animal from unnecessary trauma.
Cowboy’s friend Keats had a lump on her tummy. The first vet said “It’s cancer” without even checking the cat and was pushing for surgery that day. Her human companion Toyoko consulted another vet who correctly diagnosed a simple cyst and drained it. Keats is doing just fine two years later. London friends took their cat Zaggi to a vet who barely looked at the animal but wanted them to commit to a barrage of expensive tests. They took Zaggi elsewhere, for alternative treatment this time.
When I can, I treat my three cats with homeopathy. It’s great for minor ailments and we are now less frequent visitors to the vet. The cost of doing a first-aid course will probably be about the same as a consultation but you have the knowledge for life and the remedies are inexpensive. Visit http://www.homeopathyoz.com.au for your nearest registered practitioner.
Or check out http://www.homeopet.com.au for ready made scientifically approved (yes!) mixtures for a variety of conditions: first aid (fantastic to have on hand — saved Cowboy’s eye after a fight); digestive (works so well I use it myself); anxiety; joint pain; respiratory; and more. Homeopet is well known in Europe, Asia, NZ and was the first natural medicine to receive FDA approval in the US. No mean feat.
PS Dizzy Gillespie said: “There have been two great revelations in my life. The first was bebop, the second was homeopathy.”