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Dusky Blue Butterfly
Dusky Blue Butterfly- courtesy of Michael Norris Councillor, Southern Ward, Bayside City Council, Melbourne

Nina Tikari Photographer

nina tikari

Mother’s Love Photo Gallery

Photo: Cover of Mother's Love book

Photograph by Anup Shah/Animals-Animals-Earth Scenes

Mother’s Love is brimming with the immeasurable love that mothers in the animal kingdom have for their young, beautifully expressed in a collection of moving and intimate portraits from National Geographic, the world’s best in animal photography.

Purchase the official companion book Mother’s Love: Inspiring True Stories from the Animal Kingdom.

We Animals is an ambitious project which documents, through photography, animals in the human environment. The project began in 1998 when I was becoming more aware of the abuses animals suffer at the hands of humans. The title is intentionally broad in subject matter, interpretation and implication. The premise of the project is that humans are as much animal as the sentient beings we use for food, clothing, research, experimentation, work, entertainment, slavery and companionship. The goal of the project is to break down the barriers that humans have built which allow us to treat non-human animals as objects and not as sentient beings.Though I began shooting subject matter that close to home – companion animals, zoos, meat markets, etc, the project has grown significantly in scope, to the point that much of it is now being photographed globally. The “human environment”, after all, has grown to reach all corners of the globe. We humans claim these spaces as our own as well as the creatures that inhabit them. My objective has been to photograph our interactions with animals in such a way that the viewer finds new significance in these ordinary, often unnoticed situations of use, abuse and sharing of spaces.Since the conception of the project, stories and photographs for We Animals have been shot in over 40 countries and the photos have contributed to dozens of worldwide campaigns to end the suffering of animals.

Beautiful photos of tigers, lions, frogs- amazing photography

Animal Planet    Top 10

Odd-Looking Petsclick here to see videos

Don’t avert your eyes!
These creatures might look odd, but they are beloved by their owners. Take a look at the top 10 oddest looking pets in the world!
List Added: May 08, 2009
Most Outrageous: Wendy the Whippet
Suffering from bully whippet syndrome, meet Wendy the whippet with a strong physique.
Video Added: May 08, 2009