Birds, dogs and cat taken from home – Abuse

This is happening in Austrapawslia too- I and others have seen it for ourselves-  the authorities will ban breeding very soon and will criminalise bird breeding, bird selling, bird abuse.

The bird sales are on all over Australia with stressed, terrified birds in small boxes.

Online bird ads portray shocking conditions of birds in Australia. It’s there in black and white.

Imagine what happens behind closed doors in Australian backyards and bird mill businesses.

Cowards, criminals and physically/mentally lazy people earning money from abusing a highly intelligent species. When this is done to human children, criminals are thrown in jail.

So why do we accept ‘people’ abusing birds who have the emotional intelligence of a human being?

And why do we acceptthose who use birds as slaves….paying off humans’ mortgages, school fees, holidays….pure slavery and inhumanity.

The universe has a way of spraying magic and justice…..and karma. The days are numbered for the lazy.


Animal control workers were left scrambling Thursday afternoon after taking about 30 birds and a half-dozen dogs and cats from a mobile home off Racetrack Road.

The birds are underweight and show other signs of stress, according to officials at the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society.

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