URGENT PETITION: “Ban Companion Bird Sale” on Sunday 31 May 2015- at Skye, Victoria

Please save Companion Birds in Victoria and sign urgent petition!


Birds are born to Fly.
But Victorians have stopped them flying!!!

In May 2014, I was in shocked to see cruelty toward birds, at the annual bird sale run by the Mornington Peninsula Aviculture Society (MPAS) and the Victorian Aviculture Council (VAC):
• Most of the birds were physically and emotionally distressed and ill.
• All birds were housed in small boxes/ cages which fit the bird exactly- many of the larger birds could not walk comfortably or stretch their wings even- flying was not an option for any bird.
• There were bright lights and people hovering over the birds constantly- no privacy or quiet time for the birds.
• The boxes/cages were filthy and some rusty. In most cases, bird food was placed under the bird’s perch and on the ground, where the bird’s faeces would be also.
So we want to stop this sale happening again in few weeks!!

One thought on “URGENT PETITION: “Ban Companion Bird Sale” on Sunday 31 May 2015- at Skye, Victoria

  1. No animal should be treated like this all for money, the people who go to these shows I feel are just as guilty as the ones who run it and sell the birds, because the people going are purchasing these mistreated birds giving the owners of the show the means to continue running the show year after year with NO care for the birds, but how much they can fill their pockets with money.

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