My Angel, Love and other birds | From Project: Open Drum

After seeing birds suffer daily at pet shops, private homes and breeding farms, Paris has dedicated her life to being an advocate for birds.
Agapi- My Love
Agapi- My Love

I had just left a job that debilitated me on all levels. One day my internal voice said, “I’d love a bird to sit upon my shoulder.”

I found an animal rescuer looking to re-home a pet lorikeet. “He is wild and bites,’’ she said, as she forced the bird into my carry cage. Driving home, I spoke to the lorikeet and he replied, “Kalimera”. I thought, “He said good morning in Greek?Amazing.”

I called the lorikeet Angel. Needing a healing light in my life, Angel was sent to me. We resonated and connected telepathically and read each other’s body language. Angel was always there for me. More importantly, Angel forced me up each morning, when my illness weakened me.

Angel would fly to my pillow, and with his beak, tug my fingers to get me out of bed. He would say, “pame”, meaning “let’s go”, in Greek. Angel reminded me I had a reason to live and not give up. Angel reminded me who I used to be, a strong, vibrant, independent woman, who everyone looked up to for advice and an empathetic ear.

But Angel was my empath. He observed and listened to everything I did and said. If he heard me raise my voice, he would shout back, reminding me to calm down. Angel knew that he could find me either in bed or at my desk. He knew me better than I knew myself.

My physical condition worsened, but I continued developing myself academically and spiritually. Angel sat in my lap and on my shoulders, whilst I spent endless hours daily at my computer studying Counselling/ Holistic therapies, Bird Behaviour and Health.

I studied with world re-knowned USA based Bird Behaviourists including Dr Susan Friedman, Barbara Heidenreich and Lara Joseph. I found my Counselling studies paralleled the Bird Behaviour studies. Angel’s interaction with me proved this all along.

My personal experiences with Angel taught me even more about bird behaviour- not just confirming the theories. I communicated easily with Angel. I was born an empath – highly sensitive to and aware of others’ emotions – all my life listening to and solving everyone’s problems.

But Angel understood me. He would look into my eyes and question all my thoughts and actions. I would talk to him all day, as I would any human presence. “I love you,” he’d say, when he wanted my attention and expected my reply, “I love you too”.

Cutting a very long story short, I have since adopted many types of parrots as my children. They each have individual personalities, dietary preferences and daily routines. Most have tragic heartbreaking stories of lifelong abuse. So one thing they all yearn for is my attention and love. They know they are in safe hands – they sense this from the first day we meet.

As a result of my frustration seeing birds suffer daily in Australia, at pet shops, private homes and breeding farms, I have dedicated my life to being the human voice for birds. I am the first and only person in Australia managing a campaign for the welfare of companion birds and focusing on changing national laws. Many of my supporters also find it unbelievable that anyone can breed birds and sell/trade them as you would a plant and are shocked that birds are kept in cages where they cannot fly or live as a bird would naturally.

Every day I look into Angel’s and all my birds’ eyes and they give me that spark and inspiration to speak for them and their species. They remind me that I have a spiritual path to lead and that is to change how Australians think about bird welfare.

As a Bird Behaviourist, I am disappointed that the general public and decision makers of today, make excuses to not see and hear the cries of help from our companion birds, who are desperate to be birds who can fly and be respected.

Angel is still my angel but he prefers to be called and speak his name, “Agapi’ that means “Love” in Greek.

  Melbourne VIC 3000