“Agapi’s Sanctuary” Companion Birds Rescue- Adoption- Foster

“Agapi’s Sanctuary” Companion Birds Rescue- Adoption- Foster 














“Agapi’s Sanctuary” is Heaven on Earth in Melbourne, Australia- where birds can be themselves.

No small cages, no threats, no wing clipping, no forced bird training, no obstacles.

ONLY privacy, security, love and freedom to fly all day!

The bird children have the freedom to think and behave as they wish and to evolve within a loving, trusting and safe environment and be regarded as children within her family.


Paris  has been rescuing and adopting birds that need a loving and caring home. As the number of birds needing new homes is expanding, she is looking for similar homes that will provide the highest standard of care and love for birds- only highest standards.

Paris is looking for new homes/foster homes for the constant amount of birds that need a new human family. The selection criteria is strict and of high standards only. New families must adhere to at least the following  before considered:

  • Birds are NEVER to be wing clipped- this causes major emotional and physiological damage to the bird- if you don\’t want your companion animal to fly then please adopt a dog, cat, or rabbit instead- BIRDS ARE BORN TO FLY.
  • Private, safe and secure property- no cats or dogs on property that are prone to harm and scare birds
  • Ethical, aesthetic and clean aviaries with access to fresh clean branches as perches- bigger than 2 meters wide square for smaller birds e.g. budgerigars, canaries and 6 meters wide for larger parrots e.g. cockatoos
  • Birds are not to be kept indoors in home all day as this is unhealthy and unsafe for birds- birds require fresh air, sunlight (vitamin D) and to interact with nature and wild birds
  • Birds are not to be kept in cages of any size at all e.g small cages or  even 1.5ms wide cages- doors should always be open to allow the bird to come and go as they please
  • Owners must have the resources e.g. money and time and effort to care for the birds and seek medical tests/attention when necessary
  • Owners must be prepared to prepare fresh meals daily for birds eg organic fruits/vegetables, fresh water throughout the day with vitamins, organic pastas/foods
  • All birds to undertake initial through blood tests (on foot NEVER on body or under anaesthetic) e.g. clamydia, psittacosis, beak and feather at their expense or the previous owner where possible- receipts provided
  • Human owners should not have serious emotional problems .eg. serious grieving, depression, mental health problems as the birds are not their therapist and the birds suffer by not living in a healthy home environment
  • Homes  and aviary environments are to be free of physical/mental abuse,smoke, drug and \”alcoholic\” free
  • New owners to be happy to liaise with Paris and discuss behavioural and care requirements for birds- no costs involved.

These are just few basic criteria.

As you can see it is not just a matter of taking a bird, leaving the bird in a cage and feeding the birds seeds and cheap commercial foods.

Caring for a bird is similar to caring for human.

The psychology of a bird is the same as the psychology of a person.

ONLY a person who spends 24/7 caring for a bird KNOWS & understands the mind and behaviour of a bird.


Paris is a Holistic Counsellor/Behaviourist for birds and people and a companion bird welfare campaigner. She is dedicating her life purpose and spiritual journey to saving birds, introducing laws and education for the welfare of birds (companion and wild) especially companion birds within Australia and liaises with similar campaigners globally.

Paris consults from a professional home office where she can interact with and balance feeding/caring for her precious bird family. She has given talks to schools and various events and welcomes the opportunity to spread her words of love and care for birds as Australia- wide as possible.

Please be patient in expecting replies when contacting her as she is constantly helping bird owners and birds!


MORE INFORMATION TO BE ADDED CONSTANTLY regarding our Bird Adoption program…