Happy New 2015 to all and Companion Birds

Hello animal friends and companion bird lovers!!

Let’s hope 2015 brings compassion to companion birds in Australia.
No more birds in boxes and birds in cages!! BIRDS WERE BORN TO FLY!!

As you read this, Companion Birds are tragically suffering in Australia at the hands of profit greedy bird breeders, bird sellers, bird groups and associations.
These people must all be stopped and brought to justice- their crimes against companion birds are unimaginable and kept quiet so the public does not know the truth of bird abuse.
The companion bird industry parallels the puppy farm industry. There are millions of dollars being earned by backyard bird breeders and bird business breeders.
Birds are forced to breed and live an un-natural life.
There are more bird owned by Australians than any other companion animal.

More importantly, let us wish that the bird caring public encourage the government authorities to introduce for the first time bird laws that protect the birds. Till now, bird standards have been allowed by the governments to be set by the Bird groups- those themselves abusing the birds!!!
Out with the ‘old, evil and greedy’ and in with the new compassion and empathy for companion birds.

Please keep a look out for abuse against Companion Birds- let me know what you see and together we can help birds fly again!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your compassion and support
Paris Yves

'Because Birds were Born to Fly"
‘Because Birds were Born to Fly”

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