Bunny Business, Australia

Managed by Wendy Parsons

The following information has been gained from personal experience with my own rabbits, plus advice I have received from various veterinarians. I have written Bunny Business because although rabbits are easily obtainable, I have found nothing readily available for prospective owners which enables them to understand their rabbits, and so care for them properly to give the animals a reasonable quality of life by allowing their behavioural needs to be met.
Deciding to buy a rabbit

If you bought a puppy or a kitten, would you keep it in a cage? The answer to this should of course be no and there is no reason for your rabbit to be kept in a cage either. Don’t buy a rabbit and put him in a hutch somewhere at the bottom of the garden, where he will be forgotten most of the time, and perhaps taken out occasionally for a run. Allow your rabbit to become part of your family as any pet should be. If you are unable to do this, then you should not be buying one – a dog or a cat would probably suit you better. Even the best intentioned people neglect rabbits once the novelty of a new animal wears off, so please view buying a rabbit with the animal’s welfare in mind. Like any other pet, a rabbit is for life; not to be handed on once he becomes an inconvenience. Rabbits can be the most endearing little animals and become part of your family, but they can’t do it if you don’t give them the opportunity.

The best education you can give your child is to rescue a rabbit from a shelter. So instead of buying a baby bunny, contact your local shelter and save a rabbit already on death row. If you live in Australia there are shelters you can visit, including:

South Australia
SA Rabbit Rescue
(08) 8254 8601
0418 611 780

New South Wales
Pet Rescue

The Rabbit Sanctuary


Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage
* Rescue and Rehoming
* Bunny Dates
* Information & Referral

19 Stanley St Olinda 3788
Ph (03) 9751 1229
Ph 1300 959 370
0402 111055 (Bryce)
0412 877436 (Judi)

Australian Animal Protection Society
(03) 9798 8415



Big Ears Animal Sanctuary Inc

Northern Territory

Top End Lost and Found

Western Australia

Rabbit Rescue
0401 192 526

RSPCA and Animal Welfare League shelters

Radical Rabbits
Our aim is to encourage the community to find a new understanding of a very misunderstood creature – the rabbit.

Radical Rabbit aims to educate and change the way people view domestic rabbits. Domestic rabbits are the only animal that is used & abused in every way – factory farming for meat, testing cosmetics and experimentation, fur as fashion and neglected as pets.

Radical Rabbit encourages responsible care for domestic rabbits and sharing knowledge and experience about rabbit care. This group does not advocate breeding, showing or inhumane use of rabbits in any way

We feel honoured to have taken on ex factory farm rabbits and are proud to show the community how affectionate and caring these rabbits can be. We hope that this website helps people understand how many cruel, misleading and unnecessary abuses rabbits face behind closed doors.

Rabbit Run-Away
Victoria Australia

RABBIT RUNAWAY ORPHANAGE is a non-profit organisation and operates as an incorporated association. It is a public charity, run by a committee under Australian Law, with membership and a small dedicated group of volunteers. RRO receives no government funding and is relient on donations to prepare the rabbits for rehoming. It is an entity that belongs to all people that care about the welfare of pet rabbits.