Hon Jaala Pulford- Ban Companion Bird Sale Sun 31 May 2015, Melbourne Australia

eclectus $4000Hello companion bird welfare supporters!

Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement, support and effort to sign my petition.

Please email Minister Jaala Pulford at jaala.pulford@parliament.vic.gov.au to ban the Bird Sale at Skye, Victoria on Sunday 31 May and
also email the State Dog Centre at office@dogsvictoria.org.au to ban the Bird Sale that is scheduled at their venue.

This sale should not go on!

The same bird sale last year (and every other year for at least 30 years) was shocking! Why have the RSPCA, DEPI and no other authorities that I reported this abuse to last year, not made POCTA (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act) charges??

Please send brief emails to the above and keep sharing the petition.

TOGETHER, with me and my bird family, please be the voice of Companion Birds of Australia!!

TOGETHER We can save them and let them fly once again!!

Thanking you all sincerely
Paris Yves
0413 530 419


http://www.letcompanionbirdsfly.com.au (new website)

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